JavaScript global settings

Global widget settings are settings that are all configurable through the admin panel but you can overwrite these at the client side with JavaScript. You’ll add these global settings to your widget snippet code just under the bbbx_widget_id variable.

So for example if we want to set visual mode to false it would look like:

var bbbx_widget_id = WIDGET_ID; // required: replace with the widget ID of the widget you want to show
var bbbx_visual = false;

Below you find a full list of all global settings.

Variable Type Values Description
bbbx_question string   Overwrite the question text
bbbx_width integer   Overwrite the width of the widget
bbbx_vpp integer   Overwrite the number of entries per page
bbbx_language string nl, fr, en Overwrite the language of the widget. For example: nl, en, fr
bbbx_social boolean   If set to false the social share features will be disabled
bbbx_timer integer   Max length of a video
bbbx_group_key string   Manually set a group key for the entries that will be recorded. Make sure to enable group by page in the admin.
bbbx_no_empty_thumbs boolean   Hide all empty thumbs that open a recorder popup.
bbbx_gallery boolean   Hide all entry thumbs. So only the submit entry buttons will be visible.
bbbx_visual boolean   Run BuboBox in the background. For more info about this check out the visual mode page
bbbx_comments boolean   Enable Facebook comments on an entry.

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